Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  
Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, 
and we are never, ever the same.  
~Flavia Weedn

We need your help! 

As of 3/25/12:  203 Registered;  338
Missing;  58 Deceased

Your Reunion Committee has no contact information for the majority of those classmates listed below and thus no way to let them know about this website, or any future events which have been, or might be, planned such as: the occasional local get-togethers and future reunions.

If you know how to contact any of these classmates we would appreciate your doing so and encouraging them to register on the website. Thank you.

Note: We will update numbers as people register and BOLD their names.
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Tom  Adcock   Connie Langley  New 
Michael  Allart   Timothy Larrison  
Elaine Anderson Delong Christine M. Law McLean
Sheryl Anderson   Emily  Lazear  Willets
Herbert Andes   Delores V.  Lee  
Sharon  Anthony   Ross Robert  Lees   
Phillip  Apple    Lynette  Leingartner  Rollick 
Linda Arnold Cullen Carol L. Lewin Ramey
Robert Austin    Larry P. Link  
Robert  Bachmen    Michael H. Linville  
Larry  Bang   Eleanor  Lloyd  Durate
Edward Bannister   Susan M.  Loeb Morgan
Robert Barns   Linda  LuBuono  Schenavar 
Mark H Bass   David W. Lundy  
Kathleen Bassett Mc Devitt Clyde Lunsford  
Penny Bean Horan Beth  Martin   
Kurt E.  Beard   Daniel McAuliffe  
James  Beil   Joann  McCaffrey   
Dennis  Benger   Thomas McCarthy  
Mark Benson   David  McCoach   
Cheryl  Binder  McCord Wade  McCurdy   
Linda Bjanes St. Clair Eileen C. McGeehan  
Robert  Bossert    Timothy J. McGeehan  
Matt  Bowcock    Judy McMillin  
Lois  Bowden   Deborah McSmith  
Betty  Bowen       Phillips
Carol R.  Bowers  McLaine       
Cynthia Boyce   David M.  Meares   
William  Boyd    Jimmie C. Meeks  
Richard  Bradbeer   Alica  Merker Austin
Luanne  Bramlett   Steve  Merrefield   
Martha Brooks Shirah Harriet Merrin  
Bonnie Brown Butler Fred (Rick) Mierski   
      Ruth D. Methvin  
Shirley Brown   Chris  Miller  
Sue Brown Seargeant Alexa  Miller  
Kenneth Bruce   Miles C. Miller  
John Bugner   Lois Ann Milton  McPherson 
John E. Buttacavoli    Kenneth R.  Misner   
Patricia Canning Carny Patricia Ann  Mitchell  
Patricia Carr       Szalay 
Shirley Carter Cole Susan   Moore  Ray
Holbert L.  Cecil    David  Moorhouse   
Elaine Chadwick   Robert P. Morris  
Patricia Chapman Minor James T. Mortimore  
      Esmond G. Moyer  
John A.  Cidlowski   John J.  Murray  
      Frances Nelson  
Linda  Claussen  Young Ralph N.  Nelson  
Robert Clow   Joseph  Nicolosi   
Vicky  Cole  McVay-Froom     Wiley
Robert  Collette    Barry Nunnally  
Dennis Colley   Karen O'Brien  
Don Collins    Kathy O'Connel English
George Conaway   Patricia O'Donnell Belcher
Barbara  Conrad  Acree Alan Orendorff  
Mark T.  Costakes    Jack  Osmann   
Brenda Cox   Terry Otto  
William Crabtree   Susan M.  Overheul  Wallis
      Stanley Owen  
Chip Cunningham    Dianna Mae Pahel  
Donn Davis    Thomas F. Palik  
Deborah Deins Wooten Anthony Pape  
William  Delk    Ella Papolos Reid
Linda  Delmolino  RamaSanto George P.  Patterson   
Kenneth E.  DelVecchio    Kathleen Patton  Proffitt
Margurite  DePaola Bumzell Char Lee Pearson Morris
Beth Ann DeSouza  Johnson Bruce M.  Perry  
Terry  Devereaux  Williard Linda R.  Perry  Hendrickson 
Carol Diefel Witherspoon  Thomas J. Petringelo  
Wilbur Diefel   Michael  Pheonix   
Carol  Dodge  Winters Emily Plank  
Edna Lynn Dominy Foss Garth A.  Playford   
Louise Marie  Donnerberg  Guiliano  Florence W. Poczabut Wunderlin
H. Bruce Dore   Joelan  Poirier  Budday
James Doughton   Roseina Poirier Stillwagon
Lana  Dugay Johnson  Linda D.  Pollard  
Timothy Duval   Elizabeth Ann  Potts  
Jim Eaton   Rodney R.  Powell  
Arthur W.  Eckroth   Louise  Pullara  
Ray  Erbe   Harry Quinn  
William R.  Evans   Marsha  Quinn  
Joan Evers   James  Raisler   
Edmund  Esielionis    James L.  Rawl   
Sara Falkenberg May Sally  Reidy   
David T.  Falvey   Cindy  Reiser   
      John Richards  
Patrick T.  Fennimore    William  Riffle   
John (Dwight) Ferguson   Elizabeth Riley  
Bernard Fette   Steven D.  Ritchie   
Robert  Fintel    Frances Rogers  
Dana M.  Fishburne   Kathleen Rogers  
David T.  Fishburne        
Albert E.  Flatter    George  Rothe  
John E. Frey    Toby  Ruckert   
Neil Fortenbery   Chris Rudow  
John E. Fuss   Sharon Rudowske  
Richard E.  Futch     Constance  Rush   
Martha Garby Coulter Sheryl A. Sacino  
Robert J. Gavert   Linda  Salmon   
Kathleen M. Gentry   Susan Sanford Creech
Tammie Gervais   Donna  Sangster   
Bruce K.  Girton    Richard S.  Sasher   
Otto W. Giuliani   Rick  Savini   
Colleen Gladwin Martin Dayrl  Schaarf   
Patricia  Glass  Rivera-Sota Barry  Scharf   
Jayne  Goldblatt  Weissman Margaret L. Schofield Bohr
Pat Good Ozog Mark S.  Schrift   
Mickey Goodman   Ilene  Schweitzer  
Linda Grafe Pennell Pat Scully Wheeler
Billy Graham   Colleen  Seacord   
Sandra Greenland Pinard Marilyn E.  Shelton   
John  Gregory    Michael Shiffman  
Gene Gunn   Tonna  Shipley   
Coleen Guptill Cason Janie Sigh Gonzalez
Mark F. Guthrie   Andy Simkins  
Michael  Guthrie   Kathryn Simmons  
Ronald K.  Hagan    Michael Singleton  
Janice Lee Hager   Fred  Skinner   
Kenneth H.  Hall   Linda Slaughter  
Richard L.  Hall   Sandra Sleeper Cobb
Ruth  Hallgren Branson James  Smart   
David J.  Hardy    Jonathan Smith  
Robert W.  Harrington   Juanita  Smith   
Bonnie Harrison   Linda  Smith  
Greg (Bill) Harrison   Philip W. Smith  
Patricia  Harsh  Phillips Wayne  Smith   
Nancy  Haskell Kirschbaum   Susan Snyder Chandler
Robert D.  Haverfield    Ronnie Snyder  
Linda  Hawkes  Parker Michael  Soisman   
Mark Henderson   Richard  Spatafora  
Phillip  Herbach   Patty  Spisak   
James (Tony) Herndon   Elisssa  Staffa  
Timothy  Hess    Lane Stafford  
Betty  Hill Stacy Angela  Stepp  
John  Hill   Robert Stoner  
David Hobby   Mike  Storm   
James Hoffman   Todd Stoudt  
Bill Holloway        
      Lary   Stump  
Margaret Houghton Estes Colleen Sutton Candy
Diana L. House Colby Laura  Swain   
William L.  Howard   Michael Swihart  
David W.  Howell    Nancy J.  Taylor   
Kathaleen Huber Leach      
Debra Hunt   Gerald Tibbetts  
James Hunt   Lee S.  Tillotson   
Melvin W.  Hutchinson    Peggy Tindall  
Susie  Inebnit  Feltner   Ann Tolley   
Debbie Jackson   Joseph  Torre   
Gail  Jamison  Jones William J. Triplett  
Dean  Jerger    Vincent  Tripodi   
Kay Jewell Allen Walter Troesch  
Kathryn Johanon Savacool Jayne  Uhlman  McCallum 
Ann  Johnson  Nagel Frances Valori  
Gary A. Johnson   Monica Vasquez  
Sally Johnson   Pat  Wakefield  Donlay
Margaret Johnston Kelman Martha  Wallace  Chesley 
Richard Johnson    Diana Walworth  Dartland
Robert W.  Jones    John Warnke  
Linda M Kapper   James Warnke  
Robert D. Karn   Jane Whalen  
Antonette  Karnes  Adkins Ann  White   
Phylis A. Kaufman   Patricia N. White Strickland
Kay  Kautz  Hanson   T. Clifford Whiting  
Susan   Kelly  Charles  Richard  Wilfong  
Terry Kelso   Don Willy  
Edward  Kent    Martha Willey Boyd
Christie King  Stock  Gregory Wilson  
Lance A. King   Jody  Wilson   
Cynthia Kittinger   Lindsay  Wilson  
Thomas J.  Klamer    Lynn  Winters  Langford  
Linda  Krause  Altemos  Paul W. Wiseman  
Sandra J. Kuhn Torres Robert F.  Woods  
Blaze J.  Kusterle    Lee  Woodworth   
Bev  Lampp   John W.  Younger   
Curtis G.  Lampi    Carol Zee -Daniels  
August 16th, 2016
As some of you already know, on Monday morning George lost the long, heroic battle with cancer that he had been fighting over the past 5 years. In his last days, he was kept comfortable at a Hospice facility surrounded by family and friends. George was a husband, a brother, one hell of a father, a ‘sheepdog’ and a MARINE.
Everyone that knew George knew the amount of personality he carried with him everywhere he went and the adventurous spirit he had. ...We all have memories with George that were one of kind, and sometimes slightly ridiculous. George asked that he not be mourned, but rather that family and friends remember the amazing times they with him, and to always do what George would do, no matter how ridiculous that may be.
To honor his wishes, there will be no formal memorial service. Rather, he asked that his remains take one last ride offshore aboard his boat the GUPPY, where he will be laid to rest at sea, at his favorite fishing spot to spend the rest of his days.
To all of the family and friends that were able visit with him over the past few months, thank you! The support you showed meant the world to him, and the rest of the family.